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• Chasing The Mark - 13 J’can Athletes Hunting World Champs Standard At Pan Am Games

When the main programme of track and field begins at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, on August 6, the Jamaican team will seek to outperform the best in this hemisphere. Thirteen members of the 60-strong Jamaican team will have extra incentive to excel as they still need to attain the qualifying standards for the World Championships. Expert jumps coach David Riley thinks their chances of success are fair. “The quality of the field is such that they will be able to get the six jumps, or get into the final so they will have the conditions to run in the fastest lane or to do the full number of attempts that will give them the best chance of getting the standards, so that’s one positive thing,” Riley offered thoughtfully. The IAAF qualifying deadline is September 6, but given their current form, the Jamaicans seeking safety may find invitations to meets in the international circuit hard to come by.

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