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• Caster Semenya Won’t Stop Fighting For Her Right to Run, Just as She Is

Her case has stirred passions around the world, as it touches on essential questions about genetics, gender identity and fair play. Is it even possible to classify athletes as men and women when the human body sometimes sends out more complicated signals? Semenya insists if the IAAF rule holds up, she’ll refuse to take medication to lower her testosterone. “If I have to walk away, of course I will walk away,” she says. “It’s like killing yourself.” In CAS testimony, Semenya revealed from around 2010 to 2015, at the IAAF’s insistence, she took birth control pills to lower her testosterone; she said the drugs caused her to feel sick constantly, suffer from regular fevers and experience abdominal pain, among other symptoms. Her confidence suffered. She felt like the IAAF treated her like a “lab rat,” and she says she won’t take part in another experiment. 

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