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• Bianca Williams: Met apologises to sprinter over stop-and-search

July 08, 2020

She said: "An independent investigation is now necessary, as the Metropolitan Police have proved that they cannot be trusted to investigate a complaint themselves, having already publicly stated that there has been 'no misconduct'."

"We have now received an apology for the distress the incident caused us, but significantly, not for the wholly unjustified actons (sic) that officers took against our family.

"We are now contacting the IOPC through our lawyers and will assist fully with their investigation, which we hope will be rigorous," Ms Williams added.

IOPC Regional Director Sal Naseem said the IOPC would look at whether the use of stop and search was appropriate and proportionate in line with approved police policies, adding: "We will also investigate if racial profiling or discrimination played a part in the incident."

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