• Pearson says she feared left hand amputation

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Olympic 100m hurdles champion, Sally Pearson, of Australia panicked that her left arm would have to be amputated after the terrible fall during the race at Rome Diamond league meet two weeks ago week.

"I was terrified seeing my hand going in a different direction," she said.  "I thought they would have to amputate."Pearson said.

The 28 year-old went through the surgery in Italy and now it is clear that the 28-year old will miss the Beijing world championships as another surgery is needed.

"I've never broken a bone, I've never had stitches or surgery before," she said. "Doing all of that in one, in a different country, was very traumatic.

"But I do put things into perspective and think I am very lucky with what happened. If it had been the ankle, it would be a completely different story."

"It's very disappointing but this will be a very good mental and physical break leading into the Olympics next year."  She added.



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