• Three Great British Olympic Moments

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1- Rivalry of Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett

Great sporting moments are all about great sporting rivalries. Think of boxing and the names of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier will likely come to your mind. Think of tennis and the rivalry between Federer and Nadal could spring to your mind. 

The rivalry between Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett also became hugely famous during the 80s. Their competition reached its pinnacle at the 1980 Summer Olympics when one athlete claimed the other’s favorite event. Ovett bested Coe in the 800m but the latter took his revenge soon by winning the 1500m. Hence, Ovett suffered his first defeat in the 1500m in over three years. 

Fans would have loved to see the two great rivals competing at the 1984 Summer Olympics but Ovett was denied the opportunity due to his illness. Coe went on to defend the 1500m Olympic title.  

2- Daley Thompson’s brilliance  

Daley Thompson is regarded by many as one of the greatest decathletes of all time. He claimed the decathlon gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1980 and 1984. However, he was hard to love and couldn’t become as popular among the fans as the likes of Seb Coe or Paula Radcliffe. Although no-one could doubt his brilliance on track and field where he was a joy to watch. Thompson claimed three Commonwealth titles as well as wins in the World and European Championships.  

3- Derek Redmond’s emotional Olympic moment  

Quincy Watts enjoyed incredible success at the 1992 Olympics Games in Barcelona. The American bagged two gold medals, twice breaking the Olympic record on his way to glory. However, Derek Redmond became the real hero of the people that year. Despite tearing his hamstring in the semi-final of the 400m, the British sprinter limped over the finish line with the assistance of his father.

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