• 7 Baseball Hitting Drills You Must Know

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When it comes to sports, the US has a wide variety of events to choose from. Most countries do have their own, but the culture here is more focused on teams and their play. Basketball, football, and hockey are still rather popular these days even if there is a pandemic going on. However, there is one sport that has been consistent in its audience and fans, and that is baseball. It is also known as America’s greatest sport, and it has been that way since the 1950s.

The history of this sporting event can be traced back to some games from Great Britain and Ireland. However, it was popularized in the United States because of so many factors. It might be because of the multitude of players who had been successful in playing it like this article says. This bat-and-ball game is also considered as an open for everybody and has produced various talents and other competitors.

In modern America, it is almost a rite of passage to watch and play a baseball game. Children of all ages try to do it, even though most of them do not want to join the big leagues. For those who do though, you must have the skill to achieve something in the game as much as possible. Many people think that it is a raw natural talent that is going to make it for you as a baseball player. Experts and players disagree, as it is all about the training and hard work that you are going to put into doing it. 

This is why it is important to train as much as you can even at a younger age. Running at high speeds is an advantage but there is one skill that you should foster: Hitting the ball. Catching it is a part of the game, but batting is still a crucial point for many players. This is why you must undergo the best baseball hitting drills to achieve your goal. You can do it on your own, but it would be best if you have the right equipment and tools for it.

Practice For The Better

1. Catch and Crush

You might have already heard of this technique as this is one of more commonly used for younger players. This is also great for those who go all out with their hits, using more of their upper torso. With this practice, you would be typically using a shorter bat or your hand closer to the center. This means that you can now develop your lower extremities as well.

2. Key West

If you have an indoor pool, then this is a great drill to practice since you would need water for this one. You just need to imagine that you are still on the field trying to hit a ball. However, you should be at least at the armpit level of water. Then, you should do the batting as if the ball is going underwater. This practice helps in exercising every muscle in your arm to make your control better.

3. Skater Swings

It is called this name because it resembles a hockey player on the ice. Your ankles should be outside of your knees like you are on your skates. On the ice, this would promote balance and create a level ground with your body. When using a bat, this creates a feeling of being able to hit better because you are controlling your ground force.

4. Shoulder Swings

This is another basic drill that most players undergo since they do tend to highlight some of the problems of the newer players. If you have a longer swing or your hands always move away from your body, then the shoulder swing would keep it intact. You would be able to control your hit much better and help your bat stay on your hand.

5. Basketball

Who knew that other sporting equipment can be used for baseball training? This one is great for players who may not have the strongest hitting skills. Instead of the typical baseball, you would be hitting a basketball instead. This makes it easier for you to adjust to a smaller yet more compact ball.

6. Bryce Harper Practice

You may already know who this person is, as he is one of the best hitters in the MLB. One of his signature moves is by showing his front foot to the thrower before he strikes. This creates a momentum, which makes for a stronger hit. It is easier said than done though since it can be dangerous for the untrained. However, it is rather beneficial once you master this skill since it can also help with your posture.

7. Stop, Drop, and Fire

If you are new to baseball and some steps might not be easy, then you can take a step-by-step approach to learn how to hit. The stop, drop, and fire drill is one of them and it is by far the easiest way to learn how to do it. The stop is all about the load, the drop is for your hips, and stop for the swing and hit. Once you get this procedural step to a T, then you are ready to go swinging into action.

Preparation Is Important

Before doing any of these exercises, make sure to warm up properly. Most of the issues that players face regarding their practices are pains all over their arms and torso. This can be an indication of improper preparedness for the field. Always do other exercises first, stretch out those muscles, and keep your heart pumping. Otherwise, you would just end up hurting yourself, which is not ideal in any sport as this link agrees: https://thebridge.in/fitness-wellness/warmup-cooldown-boost-workout-routine/

As we have mentioned before, it is also crucial to have the right tools for the job. A bat and a ball might be the basics, but you also need to have ample room for the exercise. You can do some of the drills above in a smaller enclosed area, but it is also better to be in the field. Make sure that it is safe to do so since getting hit by a baseball is not pleasant for anybody.

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