• Simbine and Ta Lou win African 100m Titles

Article source: Athletics

Akani Simbine and Marie Josée Ta Lou were crowned 100m champions on the second day at the 2018 African Athletics Championships in Asaba, Nigeria on Thursday.

South Africa's Commonwealth Games Champion, Simbine, clocked 10.25 seconds against a 2.1m/s strong headwind to win his second major 100m title this year.

 "To me, it's like mission accomplished," Simbine said.

 "I started the year wanting to win the African title and the Commonwealth title."

In the women's 100m final, the World leader, Marie Josée Ta Lou took a dominant victory in 11.15. The wind in the women's final was almost the same as in the men's -2.3m/s.

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