• McLeod and Harrison set 60mh World Leads in Kentucky

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Jamaican Omar McLeod and American Kendra Harrison posted new World leading times in the 60m hurdles during the Kentucky invitational on Saturday, January 13. 

Current 110m hurdle Olympic and World champion, McLeod, clocked 7.73 seconds in the qualifying round before posting a new world leading time of 7.53 seconds in the final.

Men's 60m hurdles final results

 1 McLeod, Omar  NIKE 7.53        

  2 Peeples, Jamil SR Arkansas State 7.95        

  3 Seward, DaJuan JR Ohio State 8.01        

  4 McCall, Isaiah FR Cincinnati 8.09   

  5 Session, William SO Indiana 8.09   

  6 Wilt, Caleb JR Kentucky 8.14        

  7 Carroll, Brent SO Ohio State 8.29        

  8 Fillman, Preston SO Akron 8.44        

  9 Roberts, Daniel SO Kentucky8.70    

Kendra Harrison produced another outstanding performance at the 2018 Kentucky invitational as she took the women's 60m hurdles with the best time in the world in 2018 of 7.82 seconds in the women's 60m hurdles final.  Harrison aslo won the 200m dash clocking 23.16 seconds. 

Women's 60m hurdles final results

  1 Harrison, Keni ADIDAS 7.82

  2 Camacho-Quinn, Jasmine JR Kentucky 8.10

  3 Carter, Kori JORDAN 8.21

  4 Ray, Chantel SR Ohio State 8.27

  5 Ross, Faith SO Kentucky 8.40

  6 Perry, Dara JR Akron 8.53

  7 Smith, Jazmin  JR Ball State 8.88        

  8 Williams, Zykeria FR Indiana 9.27        

 -- Hankenson, Holly JR Louisville FS 

See full meet results here

Video McLeod wins 60m hurdles at Kentucky invitational 2018

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