• 5 Trendy And Comfy Activewear brands For Every Sports Buff

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 5 Trendy And Comfy Activewear brands For Every Sports Buff

Nowadays, fashion is not only limited to only designer dresses and chic accessories. It has taken the toll even in the vibrant and energetic sectors like sports and gyming. And that’s why the top sports brands around the world are updating their collection with chic and trendy arrivals. Gone are the days when you could only think of single shaded typical clothing when it’s about a football championship or a cricket match.

Now, you can wear cutting-edge stylish clothes and accessories from the top-notch sports brands while being an athlete or a sportsperson. It’s just that you should know the perfect place from where you can buy such contemporary sportswear. And one such renowned store in the UK is Debenhams. You can purchase your favourite accessories, footwear, dresses etc. in a frugal way using the deals and discounts from the store for the next match that you’re in.

In that context, I have jotted down today the five up to the minute sports brands which are worth knowing about if you’re a sports enthusiast. Have a look!!

1. Bjorn Borg

The brand is for those hard core girls with whom you can’t think about messing up when they’re on the sports grounds. It showcases a huge variety of sports apparel starting from clothing, shoes to trainers, bags etc. You can find a wild instinct in this brand as most of the clothing are having fiery tribal prints that give you that vibrant look. You can even enjoy the graphic patterns and strong silhouettes if you opt for the brand.

2. Lulu Lemon

It is completely a yoga inspired athletics brand. It is a place where every sportspeson can try their hands on stunning leggings and shapely tops when they are enjoying that moment where they can breathe, stretch and relax. The colour designs of the brand are much-liked among the young stars. The versatile fit and style of the brand keeps us covered whether it’s a spin, running or boxing because it totally understands that we’re into a variety of sweaty pursuits.

3. Laain

Laain has become one of the chicest sportswear company since it was launched in 2014. The high-end fashion sportswear collection of this brand includes the up to the minute tops, vests, leggings, knitwear, neck gaiters etc. You’ll get everything in warm and rich colour palatte. The other subtle collection includes designer yoga wear which is a must-have for every fashion-savvy gym goer.

4. Whistles X Frame

This renowned brand has teamed up with the London-based Fitness studio frame which creates a 13-piece capsule collection that is utterly gorgeous. The outstandingly comfy sports attires of the brand are stretchy enough and made with dry fabrications. It consists of light-weight and loose fit cotton trousers as well as jumpsuits with thin strap tops.

5. We Are Handsome

The brand has an elite collection of swimwear and other sportswear which are multi-coloured, vibrantly printed and with the next level of coolness. It consists everything from micro bra tops, crop tops and a wide array of leggings which are true head-turners. So, you might be any type of sports lover or play football, cricket or any other game, this brand is just perfect for you.

So, if you’re a hardcore sportsman or woman, these brands are certainly your cup of tea. Just go for these and give the trendiest look ever to your active avatar soon! And if you’re worried about the high price tags then you should definitely not be, thanks to Dealslands.co.uk! You can browse through this voucher providing site to explore all the deals and offers from the various leading stores in the UK which sell premium quality sportswear.       

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