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• Perth Track Classic 2013 (AUS): Live Stream

March 16, 2013

Watch 2013 Perth Track Classic Live Stream Online. Event Starts at 6:10PM West Australia Time.

Schedule - 6:10 PM Triple Jump PTC Women - 6:15 PM 120m Pro Race PTC Mixed - 6:15 PM Discus PTC Men & Women -6:22 PM 800m U15 Women - 6:29 PM 800m U16 Women - 6:36 PM 800m U15 Men - 6:43 PM 800m U16 Men -6:45 PM Pole Vault PTC Women -6:50 PM 100m U14 men -6:56 PM 100m U14 Women-7:02 PM 100m B race PTC Men-7:10 PM Perth Fastest Fan-7:25 PM Meet Opening-7:30 PM Pole Vault PTC Men-7:35 PM Long Jump PTC Men-7:38 PM 100m PTC Men-7:45 PM 100m PTC Women-7:52 PM 200m U15 Women-7:58 PM 200m U15 Men-8:00 PM High Jump PTC Men-8:04 PM 200m U16 Women-8:15 PM Javelin PTC Men/Women-8:10 PM 200m U16 men-8:18 PM 400m PTC Women-8:25 PM Herb Elliott Mile PTC Men-8:35 PM 400m Hurdles PTC Women-8:44 PM 400m Hurdles PTC Men-8:51 PM 4x100m U14 Women-8:58 PM 4x100m U14 Men-9:05 PM 400m PTC Men-9:12 PM 800m PTC Women-9:21 PM 200m PTC Women-9:28 PM 200m PTC Men

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