• 17-year-old Duplatis soars 5.75m and brakes World Junior Pole Vault Record at Millrose Games

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Armand Duplatis (USA) set a new world junior U20 indoor pole vault record when he cleared 5.75m at 2017 Millrose Games on Saturday, Feb. 11 in New York. 

The 17-year old pole vault fenom, Armand Duplatis, bettered his own world junior record by 3cm he set last weekend in Baton Rouge. The pole vaulter´s new personal best mark of 5.75m is also the 5th best this year in the world. 

Results Junior Pole Vault Millorse Games 2017

1. Armand Duplantis 5.75m

2. Zach McWhorter 5.12m

3. KC LightfootLee's 5.02m

4. Billy Williamson 4.92m

4. Erick DuffyNorth 4.92m

6. Nick Marino 4.77m

7. Peyton Morris 4.62m

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