• Olympic Champion Tiago Braz da Silva to Star Golden Fly Series in Liechtenstein

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Golden Fly Series Liechtenstein:  Olympic pole vault champion Brazil's Tiago Braz da Silva, who sensationally defeated world record holder Renaud Lavillenie at Rio Olympics will headline the 2016 street athletics contest on Thursday, September 8 in Liechtenstein.  

The annual street athletics competition involves men's and women's long jump and pole vault. The event will be available to watch live online from 1:30pm GMT - see our live stream page for more details here. 

To find out more about the event visit official website here.

See Start Lists Below

Men's pole vault 

Thiago Braz da Silva

Konstandinos Filippidis

Mark Hollis

Emmanouil Karalis

Jan Kudlicka

Women's pole vault

Maryna Kylypko

Minna Nikkanen

Jirina Ptacnikova

Rebeka Silhanova

Iryna Yakaltsevich

Men's Long Jump

Norris Frederick

Ignisious Gaisah

Daniel Gardiner

Radek Juska

Emiliano Lasa

Women's long jump

Maryna Bekh

Sarah Lagger

Anna Lunyova

Alina Rotaru

Jazmin Sawyers

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