• Blade Jumper Rehm wins Golden Roof Challenge Long Jump

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Germany's "Blade Jumper"  Markus Rehm took the victory at the 12th International Golden Roof Challenge in the streets of Austrian city of  Innsbruck on Wednesday May 25. 

Amputee long jumper Rehm with a big leap of  8.18m was able to win the long jump contest over Rushwal Samaai of South Africa, who jumped 7.95m. Uruguayan athlete Emilio Lasa took third with a jump of 7.89m.

The women's long jump contest winner Lynique Prinsloo jumped 6.37m, just  2cm farther than Eliane Martins of Brazil (6.35m).  Slovenia's Nina Djordjevic with a leap of 6.34m was third.

In the pole vault competition the  men's and women's winners were Robert Renner of Slovenia, who cleared 5.45m and China's Ling Li  who went over 4.40m.

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