• Maria Gonzales of Mexico wins 20K race walk gold and colapses after finish

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Mexico's race walker Maria Gonzales won the gold medal in the women's 20km race walk despite grueling heat and humidity on Sunday (19).

Gonzalez crossed the line first in a new championships record of 1:29.24. However as she crossed the line she collapsed unconscious and was treated immediately by medical staff on the site.

Brazilian walker Erica de Sena won the silver medal with a time of 1:30:03,  while Ecuador's Paola Perez took  bronze in 1:31:53.

Total of 5 walkers dropped the race due to hard weather conditions.

In the men's 20km race walk  competition Canadian's went 1-2 with Evan Dunfee winning Pan American title and Gomez Inaki taking silver.

Dunfee crossed the line with a time of 1:23:06 while Inaki was more than a minute behind in 1:24:25. Brazil's Bonfim Caio took bronze finishing after 1:24:43.



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