• Barshim Soars 2.41m in Eberstadt

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World Indoor champion Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar won the 36th edition of the international high jump meeting in Eberstadt, Germany with a mark of 2.41m.

The 23 year old Barshim not only set a new meeting record, but also recorded the best high jump mark ever on German soil.

"I won, I'm totally happy" said the Asian record holder Barshim, who defeated Canada's world bronze medalist Derek Drouin (2.35m) and Tebe Nato of Japan (2.30m).

Olympic champion and 2.42m man, Ivan Ukhov  of Russia performed well beloved his abilities as he managed only 2.27m to settle in fourth.

The international high jump meeting in Eberstad will continue on Saturday with junior under 23 men and women competition and on Sunday with women's elites.


  1. Mutaz Essa Barshim (Qatar) 2,41 Meter,
  2. Derek Drouin (Canada) 2,35 Meter
  3. Tobe Naoto (Japan) 2,30 Meter
  4. Ivan Ukhov (Russia) 2,27 Meter
  5. Jaroslav Baba (Czech R.), Aleksey Dmitrik (Russland), beide 2,27 Meter
  6. Muamer Aissa Barshim (Katar) 2,24 Meter



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