• #1 Dasaolu Out of World Indoor Champs

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Great Britain's sprinter, James Dasaolu, who set the worlds number one time in the men's 60m dash last Saturday in Birmingham will not compete at World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland next Month.

In the semi finals, at the Sainsbury indoor GP, the 26 year old Dasaolu clocked personal best and worlds fastest time of 6.47 seconds (VIDEO) in 60m.One hour later in the final (VIDEO) he suffered a hamstring injury about 15 meters from the finish line, but still managed to win the race in 6.50seconds. 

Dasaolu will be replaced by 24 year old  Richard Kilty who clocked a life time best of 6.53 in Sheffield on February 8 together alongside with Dwain Chambers who won the 60m indoor title in 2010 and won bronze in 2012 in Istanbul.

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