• Lavillenie Breaks Pole Vault World Record 6.16m

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In front of a couple thousand spectators, including great Sergey Bubka, the Frenchmen, Renaud Lavillenie, broke the world pole vault record that stood for more than 20 years at the Samsung Pole Vault Star Meeting in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The more impressive was the Frenchman set the new world record mark of 6.16m with the first attempt.

"I lifted off the ground. I went over the bar, and then what? Loud noise, everybody's hugging you -- it's simply incredible," Lavillenie said.

The previous record of 6.15m was set by Sergey Bubka back in 1993 in Ukraine. 

"For me, Bubka remains one of the best athletes of all time -- of course in pole vault, but in track and field in general. And to think that I've beaten him -- it was unthinkable just a few years ago," Lavillenie said on French news channel BFM TV. "My phone is ringing every 15 seconds. There it goes again. I have moved into another dimension ... it's just pure joy."

 Lavillenie´s Attempts

5.76m -1 attempt

5.91m - 1 attempt

6.01m - 3 attempt

6.16m - 1 attempt

6.21  Foul

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