• Ukhov & Dmitrik Clear 2.40m in Arnstad

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The Olympic High Jump champion Ivan Ukhov and World 2011World championships silver medalist Aleksey Dmitrik in a great high jump show cleared 2.40m at the Arnstad international high jump meeting on Saturday(8).

After both athletes were cleared 2.40m height, Dmitrik asked for new Russian indoor record of 2.42m; meanwhile while Ukhov passed it. After Dmitrik failed to jump in all three attempts 2.42m Ukhov asked for new World indoor record of 2.44m which he missed in all 3 attempts. 

The competition winner was  named Ukhov since he cleared 2.40m with1st attempt while Dmitrik did it with 2nd attempt. For the 29 -Aleksey Dmitrik it was a new personal record. For the Ukhow it was the 4th win in Arnstad since 2009.

The women's high jump competition winner Kamila Lićwinko of Poland flying over 2.00m height set a new Polish national indoor record. Germany's Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch took second 1.97m and Sweden's Emma Green took third 1.94m.


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