• Gatlin won't Stop Trash Talking

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American sprinter Jastin Gatlin, who will face Usain Bolt in the 100 metres at the Golden Gala in Rome on Thursday,  has been promoting himself after posting two impressive wins in two of the opening Diamond League meets this year.

Gatlin ran 9.97 seconds in Doha, Qatar, and 9.88 in Eugene, Oregon.

Bolt acknowledged on Tuesday that Gatlin "has done a lot this season already," but noted that he saves his biggest talking for the biggest events.

This year's highlight will be the world championships in Moscow in August.

Gatlin can't wait that long, although he did concede that he would address the subject as expediently as possible "so as not to ruffle (Bolt's) feathers.

"You have to get the crowd excited to come see us," Gatlin said on Wednesday. "You see us for nine seconds and then we're off the track and then we're gone to the next meet, then you see us for another nine seconds and then we're gone. So this is the only way you're going to hear what we say, if you read about it. I like talking about it. I like getting into it. I'm sorry. Sorry, Usain."



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