• David Rudisha Confirmed to Run 1000m at the Ostrava Golden Spike

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World 800m record holder David Rudisha has been confirmed to run 1000m race at the at the Ostrava Golden Spike in June.

"I've never attempted 1 000 before. I don't want to speculate because this is something new," he said. "When doing something new you are not sure. Until I can go there, I don't know what I can do."

Rudisha's manager, James Templeton, says that the 1000m race is just a try to see what Rudisha is capable in longer distances.

"Test yourself at slightly longer event. How is my body going to respond? Am I going to be off the world record or, wow, that was really tough and it put me in a world of pain so forget that," Templeton said. "It's kind of a bit into the unknown so that is nice."

The 1000m world record stands at 2:11.96 set by Kenyan Noah Ngeny in September 5th, 1999 in Rieti. 

Ostrava Golden Spike an IAAF World Challenge meet is scheduled forJune 26.


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