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London Olympics silver medallsit in 100m an 200m, Yohan Blake could miss out next two competitions he was scheduled due to injury he suffered during the 100m race  at the Utech 1 invitational in Jamaica on Saturday (13). 

Although, Blake soon after the race announced that he only suffered a cramp in his right hamstring, his coach, Glenn Mills told media this week that the injury he experienced during the race was more serious than originally thought.

"An MRI done Monday afternoon revealed the hamstring injury sustained was more serious than first thought," he said. "Blake could be out for several weeks as he recuperates." He added.

"He is resting and recovering. The point is, it's not a serious injury and to ensure proper and maximum recovery, out of an abundance of caution, he is going to be out of a couple of meets," Said Timothy Spencer, a member of Blake's management team.

"The May meet certainly and after that we will see. And he is fairly disappointed about that too," Spencer Concluded.

Yohan Blake was expected to return to International competions with the Jamaican Invitational on May 4 and the Shanghai Diamond League meeting on May 18 where he was scheduled to run 200m.

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