• Bolt Sprints 14.42 seconds 150m in Brazil

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Worlds most iconic athlete Usain Bolt raced 150m at the Copacabana Beech in Brazil on Sunday March 31 with an aim to brake his own world record. Bolt covered the 150m straight in 14.42 seconds.

Bolt from the blocks was not fast, but quicly gained speed to win the race. Bolt looked satisfied about the first sprint race saying that his first sprint race of the year went successfully. 

"It was my first sprint race, definitely a good start for the season," Bolt said. "I'm looking forward to coming down here in 2016." Said 6 time olympic champion.

Bolt celebrated by dancing with a few Brazilian dancers after the run, which was an official event supervised by the IAAF. There were huge lines as fans tried to get near the track to see the Jamaican star.

Bolt broke 150m world record in 2009 Manchester of 14.36 seconds.

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