• Bolt Set to Break 150m Record in Brazil

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Usain Bolt who set the 150 world record of 14.35 seconds in Manchester in 2009 traveled to Brazil with an aim to break his 150m street record on Sunday, March (31).

The blue four-lane track is in the middle of the Copacabana beach, with Sugar Loaf mountain nearby.

Usain Bolt will compete at a track specially built at the iconic beach tomorrow, challenging Antigua and Barbuda’s Daniel Bailey, Ecuador’s Alex Quinones, and a Brazilian athlete from a local qualifier.

A women’s race will also take place at the Copacabana track.

Meanwhile, Bolt’s agent, Ricky Simms, said in a statement to the AP that he was “having positive negotiations” with organisers of the London Diamond League meet to compete on July 26-27.

The London meet, celebrating a year since the Olympics, would be one of his last competitions before the world championships in Moscow in August.

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