• Gebraselassie Set to Run in Manchester

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Worlds one of the greatest distance runners of all times, Haile Gebrselassie is going to defend his Great Manchester Run title in May, organisers announced on Thursday.

Gebraselassie who will turn 40 next month, has won the Great Manchester Run titles since 2007. 

 "I love running, it is part of my life and part of my daily routine." said the 2-time 10000m Olympic champ.

"As long as I enjoy it so much I will keep running and I don't know how and when this will finish. And how could I resist the opportunity to return to Manchester?" said the the Ethopian running legend.

Gebraselassie earlier this year announced his participation in the Vienna half - marathon that will take place before Great Manchester Run.

The Great Manchester Run is scheduled for May 26.

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