• Ethiopian Negari and Kenyan Kiprop Dominates Rome Marathon

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Despite windy conditions in the secondpart of the race six men managed to run under the 2:10 mark.  Ethiopia’s Getachew Negari Terfa took the title in the men’s race with a time of 2:07:56, the second fastest time ever run in Rome marathon while Girmay Gebru Birhanu of Ethiopia finished in secod  (2:08:11). Men's podium concluded Kenyan Stephen Chemlany who crossed the finish line in 2:08:30 2:08:11.

The race started in good weather conditions but it got colder with a lot of wind along the course. However, the weather did not cause problems because I was focused on my race. After winning in Xiamen I took a short rest of two weeks before starting the preparation again. During my training I felt well and I decided to run a second marathon. I want to help my family with the money won in Rome”, said the winner.

The 36-year-old Helena Kirop of kenya captured the victory in the women’s race clocking the third fastest time in Rome 2:24:40. 

Kiprop, who debut in marathon race at age of 34 in 2006 at the Casablanca Marathon, pushed the pace at 37km mark and increased her leade over leading runners to 25 seconds to secure the victory in Rome.  Getnet Selomie Kassa of Ethiopia finished more than a half minte behind kiprop in second (2:25:15), while Turkey's  Sultan Haydar finished in third running 2:27:10.

 “Pacemakers made a very good job despite the windy conditions. At 30km, I started pushing the pace. My plan was to run in the pack until the 30 km and start pushing at that point,” said kiprop.


Men's Top Results

1  4  NEGARI GETACHEW TERFA  ETHIOPIA   02:07:56   02:07:53 
2  19  GEBRU GIRMAY BIRHANU  ETHIOPIA   02:08:11   02:08:09 
3  5  CHEMLANY STEPHEN  KENYA   02:08:30   02:08:28 
 4  13  GEMEDA HAILE HAJA  ETHIOPIA   02:08:35   02:08:32 
5  1  KANDA LUKA LOKOBE  KENYA   02:08:50   02:08:48 
6  7  BARMAO SAMSON K.  KENYA   02:09:47   02:09:45 
 7  14  BOTORU WOLDE TSEGAYE  ETHIOPIA   02:10:00   02:09:58 
 8   18  KISANG PHILEMON KIPCHUMBA  KENYA   02:10:27   02:10:25 
 9  3  DABA BEKANA TOLESA  ETHIOPIA   02:11:16   02:11:15 
 10  22  KORIR PATRICK KIPTANUI  KENYA                                                       02:11:32   02:11:30 


Women's Top Results

1  F3  KIROP HELENA  KENYA   02:24:40   02:24:39 
2    F19  SELOMIE KASSA GETNET  ETHIOPIA   02:25:15   02:25:15 
3    F4  HAYDAR SULTAN  TURKEY   02:27:10   02:27:10 
4    F2  KASIM ASH RABO  ETHIOPIA   02:30:10   02:30:10 
5  F13  FIKRE KIFLE ALEM  ETHIOPIA   02:30:13   02:30:13 
6    F7  MUGO HELLEN  KENYA   02:32:12   02:32:12 
7    F15  LEONTEVA NADEZDHA  RUSSIAN FEDERATION   02:32:14   02:32:14 
8    F10  DEGEFA BIRUKTAYIT  ETHIOPIA   02:32:52   02:32:52 
9    F6  DALASA SECHALE ADUGNA  ETHIOPIA   02:34:43   02:34:43 
10    F16  DEMSE ALEMTSEHAY  ETHIOPIA   02:41:03   02:41:02 

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