• London Olympics Long Jump Champion Greg Rutherfor Takes a Solid Victory at Perth Track Classic

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 The 2012 London Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford of Great Brittain took a victory at the 2013 Perth Track Classic in Australia on Saturday (16). Rutherfords main challenger London Olympic silver medallist Mitchell Watt (AUS) was forced to withdraw from the men’s long jump after experiencing cramp as he ran in to jump leavong him to battle it out with Commonwealth Games medallist Ignisious Gaisah of Ghana.  

With no wind on the runway, in his fourth attempt Rutherford landed at 7.89m mark narrowly beating the Gaisah who managed 7.76m in the competition.

“I would have loved to jump against Mitch because he is one of the best in the world and it’s a shame we couldn’t deliver. We have Melbourne though so fingers crossed we can do something great there,” said Rutherford.

“In some ways I felt like I had forgotten what to do when I got out there. The first two jumps were messy and when the 7.89m came I was a bit surprised. It’s good that I found my footing and with a few more weeks of training I hope to find something bigger.” he added.

The next competition for the Rutherford is scheduled on April 6 at the Melbourn World Challenge.

Men's Long Jump Results

1 Greg Rutherford              GBR                      7.89m  +0.0
     7.75m(+0.0) 7.64m(+0.0) 6.12m(-0.5) 7.89m(+0.0) 7.79m(-1.0) 7.59m(+0.0)
  2 Ignisious Gaisah             GHA                      7.76m  +0.0
     7.51m(-1.0) 7.76m(+0.0) 7.62m(-1.3) FOUL(-0.3) 7.57m(-1.1) FOUL(+0.0)
  3 Angus Gould               94 ACT                      7.31m  -0.9
     7.31m(-0.9) 7.24m(-1.2) 7.15m(+0.0) 7.24m(-0.1) 7.01m(-0.3) 7.08m(+0.0)
  4 Shaun Fletcher            82 NSW                      7.21m  +0.0
     6.79m(-0.7) 7.01m(-0.9) 7.11m(+0.0) 7.08m(+0.0) 7.20m(+0.0) 7.21m(+0.0)
  5 Jeremy Andrews               WA                       7.03m  +0.0
     6.51m(-2.0) 6.66m(-0.2) 6.59m(-0.7) 7.03m(+0.0) 6.96m(-1.6) 6.89m(-0.7)
  6 Jordan Dobson                WA                       6.65m  +0.0
     6.38m(-2.1) 6.58m(-0.5) 6.59m(-0.3) FOUL(+0.0) 6.65m(+0.0) FOUL(-0.3)
 -- Mitchell Watt                QAS                       FOUL
     FOUL(+0.0)    x          
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