• Ukraines Shmyrko Takes Osaka Marathon

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Ukraines Gamera Shmyrko comming way from behind in the last 800m in the race stole the victory from Japans Kayoko Fukushi, who had 19 second lead at the 40km mark. 

Shmyrko who finnished 5th at the London Olympics clocked 2:23:58 improving her personal best by 34 seconds. “I almost gave up.  I usually speed up after 30Km but I had little left at that point.  However, I found a reserve with 2km to go,” said Gamera-Shmyrko.

The second place finnisher Fukushi ran as well PB  (2:24:21),  but missed the Japans Athletic Federations sub-2:24 requirement for a guaranteed place on the Moscow World Championships team. “I told the winnerI am very disappointed,” said Fukushi. “Unlike other marathons, I think I have given it all.  I still need to learn to change the pace at the end.”

Behind Fukushi in third finished another Japanese runner  Yuko Watanabe who managed 2:25:56 and a new personal best.

Top Results

1. Tetyana Gamera-Shmyrko (UKR) 2:23:58 
2. Kayoko Fukushi (JPN) 2:24:21 
3. Yuko Watanabe (JPN) 2:25:56 
4. Mari Ozaki (JPN) 2:26:41 
5. Lisa Weightman (AUS) 2:29:09 
6. Karolina Jarzynska (POL) 2:30:29

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