• Asafa Powell Prepares for a Comeback

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The coach of the former world record holder Asafa Powell thiks that his athlete can still win the world championship title in 2013.Coach Steven Francis revieled that that the athlete in the past three years had not done any serius training, but now with the new startegy in training he believes that Powell can be athlete to beat in 2013.

Francis said that with the new approach in Powells training the world championship title is very possible. Asafa Powell has been forcing himself in practices more that ever before told his coach.

"I am optimistic that over the next 3 months  -this 3 months period coming up is one of the periods where he drops off a lot."

Francis added "If over the next 3 months we can get him to do the kind of stuff that we have planned for him then I think he is going to be one hell of a goodsprinter this year." Francis concluded.

Even though, Powell has the most 100 m runs under 10 seconds legally on 88 occasions, he has failed to win world title since he started his profoessional carreer back in 2002. Jamaicans latest dissapontment came at the 2012 London Olympic final where he was forced to stop half way into the race due to hamstring problem. 

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