• Olga Kucherenko Blasts 7.00m in Krasnodar

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Russian long jumper Olga Kucherenko highlighted the 6th edition of Governor´s Cup indoor meeting in Krasnodar, Russia that took place on Sunday (20). 

The 2011 World Long Jump silver medallist in her best attempt leapt 7.00m to win the event. Kucherenko in other two attempts stunned the crowed with 6.92 and 6.89m jumps.

The 7.00 is new personal best for the athelete and is the best mark in the world this year. She is the only women this season that have reached the 7.00m barrier.

Elsewhere in the world: Lithuanias Tomas Vitonis with a leap of 8.03 m took the victory at the 5th edition of international indoor meeting  Katrinas Cup, that was held in the city of Kuldiga in Latvia.

Vitonis before his final attempt was standing in the 3rd position with 7.62m behind Great Brittains Ezekiel Evulo 7.67m and Latvias Elvijs Misans 7.63. 

In the final attempt, the 21-year-old Lithuanian, with a great speed and a perfect step on the board managed to improve his result to 8.03 to win the event.

Its a new personal best and the top mark in the world for Tomas Vitonis.

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