• Bleasdale Starts Season With 4.62 Vault

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Brittish pole-vaulter  Holly Bleasdale started her year off to a great start with a win at the Perche Elite Performance Tour in Orleans, France, this weekend.

The 21-Year-Old Bleasdale won  the interantional event with a world class mark of 4.62m. Angelica Bengtsson from Sweeden and Sally Peak from Great Brittain both cleared 4.37m and finished second and third respectively.  Bleasdale, who won World Indoor Bronze medal last year, now tops the world rankings. Last year at the London Olympics Bleasdale finished 6th.

In the mens pole vault competition, Greek pole-vaulter, Kostas Filipidis jumped 5.67m to take the top spot. Frenchmen CLAVIER Jerome took second with 5.62m leap and Blom Rens from Netherland finished in third clearing 5.47m. Filipidis now stands in 3rd place in the worlds rankings.


 Womens Top 5 Results 

1   4m62   BLEASDALE Holly (Gbr)       SEF/ IA 1211
  3m72(-) / 4m37(O) / 4m50(O) / 4m62(XXO) / 4m72(XXX)
2 4m37 BENGTSSON Angelica (Swe)       ESF/ IB 1120
  3m72(-) / 4m07(O) / 4m22(XXO) / 4m37(O) / 4m50(XXX)
3 4m37 PEAKES Sally (Gbr)       SEF/ IB 1120
  3m72(-) / 3m92(O) / 4m07(O) / 4m22(XXO) / 4m37(XXO) / 4m50(XXX)
4 4m22 BYRES Katie (Gbr)       SEF/ N1 1066
  3m72(-) / 4m07(O) / 4m22(O) / 4m37(XXX)
5 4m22 LOTOUT Marion Athletisme Sud 22 * 022 BRE SEF/89 N1 1066

Men's Top Results

1   5m67   KOSTAS Filipidis (Gre)       SEM/ IA 1150
  5m12(-) / 5m32(O) / 5m47(O) / 5m57(O) / 5m62(-) / 5m67(O) / 5m72(-) / 5m77(XXX)
2 5m62 CLAVIER Jerome Athletic Trois Tours* 037 CEN SEM/83 IB 1135
  5m12(O) / 5m32(O) / 5m47(O) / 5m57(-) / 5m62(XXO) / 5m67(-) / 5m72(XXX)
3 5m47 BLOM Rens (Ned)       SEM/ N1 1092
  5m12(O) / 5m32(O) / 5m47(O) / 5m57(XX-) / 5m62(X)
4 5m32 GUILLAUME Michael As Fleury Les Aubrais Saran At 045 CEN SEM/89 N2 1049
  5m12(O) / 5m32(XXO) / 5m47(XXX)
4 5m32 MENALDO Kevin Entente Franconville Cesame Va 095 I-F ESM/92 N2 1049
  5m12(O) / 5m32(XXO) / 5m47(XXX)
4 5m32 MESNIL Romain Bordeaux Athle* 033 AQU SEM/77 N2 1049

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