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• Interesting Usain Bolt Facts in 2012

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1. Man Throws a Bottle To Usain Bolt at the London Olympics 100m Final
At the moment when the starter told athletes "set", a bottle landed right behind Bolts starting blocks. Nobody on the track realized the incident and the race went on. 
Another moment later, the bottle thrower was not lucky again, as he was beaten up by a Dutch Judist, Edith Bosch, who was standing right behind him. "A drunken spectator threw a bottle onto the track! I HAVE BEATEN HIM... unbelievable." Bosch said.
Before the race the man was yelling abusive words at Bolt as he was preparing for the race. "Youre not gonna win!" SEE Video.
2. Birmingham Council Erects Wrongly Statue For Usain Bolt

 Before the Start of the London Olympics, Birmingham City Council erected a "Usain Bolt" statue to welcome him to the city to train for the Olympics. Nevertheless, the builders of the statue made it point to the right, instead to the left. He always does it to the left, said Usain Bolts agent Ricky Simms.


3. Shopkeeper Refuses to Sell to Bolt a Motor Bike Due to Bolts Passion For Speed

When Usain Bolt tried to by a motor bike at one of the Kingstons motoshops, the shopkeeper refused to sell the bike that Bolt eyed.  The shopkeeper later said that he is more happy to not have a sell rather than seeing Usain Bolt ending his carrer. As a fact, in 2009 Bolt crashed his BMW into a dich and luckily sufferd minor injuries.

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 5. Yohan Blake Defeats Bolt twice in Jamaican Olympic Trials

At the 2012 Jamaican Olympic trials, Usain Bolt was defeated by his country man and training partner Yohan Blake. First he lost to Blake in 100m and later in 200m. Last time when Bolt lost a race on the track was two years ago, when Tyson Gay defeated him  at the Diamond League meeting in Stockholm. SEE VIDEO.

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4. Bolt Earns 20+ Million USD a Year

According to, Usain Bolt has made $20.3 million over the past year that includes prize money, bonuses, appearance fees, and endorsements.Worlds fastest man is the highest paid track and field athlete in the history, but only ranks him 63rd highest paid athlete among all the sports on the planet. Just to mention track and field was the most viewed sport at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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5. Bolts 200m Olympic Vicotry Picked up 80,000 Tweets Per Minute

 Usain Bolt, who defended his Olympic titles in 100m, 200m, and 4x100m , was the most tweeted athlete at the London Olympics, with 80,000 Tweets Per Minute following his 200-meter victory. 


6. Usain Bolt Declairs Himself as a "Living Legend"

At the London Olympics, Bolt became the only athlete in the history of track and field to defend Olympic sprint titles in 100m and 200m and 4x100m relay. After the conclusion of his 200m victory he declared himself as a legend.

 "Its what I came here to do. Im now a legend, Im also the greatest athlete to live. I am in the same category as Michael Johnson. Im honoured." Bolt said.


7. Bolt Dumped by a British Office Worker Due to Long Distance Between Them

Before Olympics Bolt had dumped his girlfriend, so he could focus on training for the London Olympics. Later, at the Olympics, Bolt found himself a new girl-friend called Megan Edwards, who is a British office worker. Recently she announced that she has dumped Bolt due to long distnace that they have to face.

 “We live at opposite ends of the globe,” she told a friend. “He talked about flying all over the place and there’s me having to go back to Dartford.

“I really liked him, but I only have a set amount of holiday that I can use each year and I’m not going to use it all up going to see Usain Bolt in Jamaica.

“A few things crystallised in my head while I was away and when I got back. So after a couple of days I telephoned him to call it off. It was very hard and I was upset too. Said Megan Edwards.

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