• Martin Lel Withdraws from Fukuoka Race

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 The organizers of the Fukuoka International Marathon announced on Nov. 28 that three-time London Marathon winner Martin Lel (Kenya), who holds a personal best time of 2:05:15, has withdrawn from Sundays race due to an injury to his right thigh. 

Probably bad news for organizers, but good news for elite runners who were aiming to win the race. Despite Lels absence, race is still looking very competetive since 10 marathoners hold personal best times under 2:10, including Haile Gebraselassie whoes 2008 world marayhon record of 2:03:59 is the best mark among competetors.

Fukuoka International Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, December 2 and will be televised on TV Asahi for Japan viewers. International viewers will be able to watch the event online via Keyhole TV. For instructions to watch the event via Keyhole TV Please visit the LINK HERE.

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