• SA Athletes Test Positive for Doping

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South African sprinter Tsholofelo Thipe has been tested positive for a banned substance, Athletics SA (ASA) confirmed on Tuesday.

She was tested positive at the African Athletics Championships in Benin in June. Rapula Sefenyatso is a 200 meter specialist who was tested positive at the Yellow Pages Meeting in Pretoria in April.

Thipe and Sefenyatso are the latest South African Athletes that were tested positive for banned substances this year.There are total of 10 SA athletes who have failed doping test this season

"I dont know what is going on, but doping in South African athletics is becoming a serious problem," said ASA president James Evans.

"To have 10 athletes testing positive in a season is just not acceptable.

"South Africa seems to have some of the dumbest athletes. They know that they will be caught, but they keep on using banned substances and making the same mistakes over and over again..

 James Evans said that these athletes were taking sumplements without any knowledge of the contents of the pills.

"During the IAAF World Junior Athletics Championship in Barcelona (in July), we had a discussion with the athletes," Evans said.

"We advised them not to use any substances.

"If they have to buy any medication, they should first get an expert opinion.

"The next moment one of the junior athletes is off to a pharmacy to buy some nose spray.

"The pharmacist does not understand her and sells her something containing a banned substance. That is just stupid."

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