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The 26-year-old Ivan ukhov from Russia, who won gold in London with a leap of 2.38 metres and now has more lofty goals for his career, does not like to talk about the past nor discuss his previous escapades - only saying that he is "completely reformed now".

Four years ago, he was portrayed as a villain after showing up drunk at a meet in Lausanne after mixing vodka and Red Bull. He faced a one-year ban for his antics but escaped punishment after agreeing to reimburse the Swiss organisers their expenses. 

He wants to become the first mens high jumper to successfully defend his Olympic title and to break one of the oldest world records in athletics - the 2.45-metre mark set by Cubas Javier Sotomayor in 1993.

"Of course, winning in Rio in 2016 is one of my big goals," said Ukhov, who has recorded four of the worlds best six jumps this year while his personal best of 2.40 was achieved in 2009.

"Until now, no (male) high jumper...was able to repeat their success so if I can do it, it would make history.

"But Rio is four years from now, so my next goal is to break Sotomayors record. Ill definitely try it next year," he added.

Ukhovs epic jump

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