• Is There Anyone That can Break Women's 400m Record?

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Many track and field records have been broken in the past two decades, but womens 400 meter record of 47.60 seconds stands untouched until this day.Tomorrow on October 6 womens 400m world record 47.60 seconds will celebrate its 27th birthday.
It was on October 6, 1985 when East German Marita Koch broke womens 400 meter world record in Canberra, Australia running 47.60 seconds. She improved Czechoslovakias Jarmilas Kratachilovas world record by 0.33 seconds. Her record is one of the oldest ones in the sport of track and field. 

In the last 10 years the average time of the top performance in the wolrd is 49.16 seconds that is 1.56 seconds slower than the world record. 

Some Doping History

East Germany conducted a decades long program to feed performance-enhancing-drugs to their athletes. The drug regimens, given either with or without the knowledge of the athletes, resulted in victories in international competitions, including the Olympic Games. East Germany had been a pioneering state in doping, so much that it was considered to be the inventor of doping. East German women controversially set many world records in the 1970s and 1980s. World record holder Marita Koch maintains her innocence, although released government files detail her drug usage.

Koch has never acknowledged the use of prohibited substances "At the World Championships in Helsinki in 1983 I had to go to dope-testing three times and always I was clean. The same applies to my career overall. I was a mature and responsible athlete." Koch insisted in an interview a couple of years ago.

Systematic doping of athletes ended with the fall of communism in East Germany in 1989, before German reunification a year later. Many former athletes suffer from health problems related to steroid consumption.

 Top Performers in the past 10 years







49.16 Antonina Krivoshapka            RUS       21/07/1987      Cheboksary           2012
49.35 Anastasiya Kapachinskaya     RUS       21/11/1979    Cheboksary           2011
49.64 Debbie Dunn                          USA       26/03/1978     Des Moines, IA      2010
48.83 Sanya Richards-Ross              USA       26/02/1985    Bruxelles               2009
49.62 Christine Ohuru                      GBR       17/05/1984    Beijing                   2008
49.27 Sanya Richards-Ross              USA       26/02/1985    Berlin                     2007
48.70 Sanya Richards-Ross              USA       26/02/1985    Athína                    2006
48.92 Sanya Richards-Ross              USA       26/02/1985      Zürich                    2005
49.07 Tonique Williams-Darling       BAH       17/01/1976    Berlin                     2004
48.89 Ana Guevara                          MEX       04/03/1977      Paris Saint-Denis    2003

Womens 400m All time top 20
Result Athlete Birth Cnt.        Place                      Date
47.60 Marita KOCH 57 GDR Canberra (AUS) 06.10.1985
47.99 Jarmila KRATOCHVÍLOVÁ 51 TCH Helsinki (FIN) 10.08.1983
48.25 Marie-José PEREC 68 FRA Atlanta (USA) 29.07.1996
48.27 Olga BRYZGINA 63 URS Canberra (AUS) 06.10.1985
48.59 Taťána KOCEMBOVÁ 62 TCH Helsinki (FIN) 10.08.1983
48.63 Cathy FREEMAN 73 AUS Atlanta (USA) 29.07.1996
48.70 Sanya RICHARDS-ROSS 85 USA Athina (GRE) 16.09.2006
48.83 Valerie BRISCO-HOOKS 60 USA Los Angeles (USA) 06.08.1984
48.89 Ana Gabriela GUEVARA 77 MEX Paris (FRA) 27.08.2003
49.05 Chandra CHEESEBOROUGH 59 USA Los Angeles (USA) 06.08.1984
49.07 Tonique WILLIAMS-DARLING 76 BAH Berlin (GER) 12.09.2004
49.10 Falilat OGUNKOYA-OSHEKU 68 NGR Atlanta (USA) 29.07.1996
49.11 Olga NAZAROVA 65 URS Seoul (KOR) 25.09.1988
49.16 Antonina KRIVOSHAPKA 87 RUS Cheboksary (RUS) 05.07.2012
49.19 Mariya PINIGINA 58 URS Helsinki (FIN) 10.08.1983
49.24 Sabine BUSCH 62 GDR Erfurt (GER) 02.06.1984
49.28 Irena SZEWIŃSKA 46 POL Montreal (CAN) 29.07.1976
49.28 Pauline DAVIS-THOMPSON 66 BAH Atlanta (USA) 29.07.1996
49.28 Yuliya GUSHCHINA 83 RUS Cheboksary (RUS) 05.07.2012
49.29 Charity OPARA 72 NGR Roma (ITA) 14.07.1998

Used Sources: wikipedia.com, independent.co.uk
Image Source:athlenews.com

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