• Belarus Track and Field Head Coach and Team doctor released from custody

Article source: Athletics

Belarus national track and field head coach Anatoly Baduyev and the team doctor Paul Drinevsky are released from custody, announced the Belorussian Athletic Federation.

They both were arrested in May after KGB agents reportedly searched Baduyev’s office and arrested him on the spot.  According to Charter 97, Anatoly Baduyev was detained by the KGB for extorting money from coaches and athletes by blackmailing them with the threat of positive dope tests.

The Belarusian Athletics Federation confirmed the release of the head coach and doctor. "Yes, they are released on parole. Anatoly Baduev yesterday was in a Federation ".

Belarusian shot putter Nedezda Ostapchuk who was disqualified from London Olympics for using steroids two weeks  told that she was one of the Baduyevs victims.

 The person [Baduyev], you know who I mean, the one who was involved in blackmailing, he promised me long ago: you will have problems with doping control. Now I think his threat begins to come true, even though he no longer works with us. Ostapchuk told local media.


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