• Mutai Targets WR In Berlin Marathon

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Geoffrey Mutai, who was dropped from Kenyan London Olympic team, returns to the Berlin Marathon seeking to break the world.

Berlin, German capital, has produced seven world records in the last two decades. Last year in Berlin Kenyan Patrick Makau set a new world record running 2 hours, 3 minutes, 38 seconds.

 Like Mutai, Makau was not selected for Kenyan Olympic team to run in London. Makau, is skipping the Berlin race this year and will instead run the Frankfurt Marathon on October 28.

"I cant promise a world record, but I'll try my best," Mutai told media. 

"I know that they are capable of setting the fastest time over the flat Berlin course," Makau said of Mutai and the other Kenyans in Berlin. "We have been training together in Eldoret and they are geared up for the event".

Two years ago, clocking 2:05.10 in a rain-soaked race Mutai finished second in Berlin behind Makau.

following year, Mutai ran the fastest marathon in history, winning in Boston in 2:03.02. Because of Boston's up-and-down course, his time is not recognised as a world record.

This year  Mutai suffered hot conditions and had to quit the Boston race. 

"I was disappointed not to finish Boston, and the selection was Athletics Kenya's decision," Mutai said. "But it has given me motivation to run well here. ... Because of the hills in Boston you cannot go with the same speed. But the Berlin course is flat, so you can maintain the same speed."

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