• Wallace Spearmon wants to focus on 400m for next season

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Wallace Spearmon, who finished in a disappointing fourth place in 200m race in London Olympics,after the race in Zurich announced that he wants to switch to 400m. 

"I'm going to go ahead & say that was my last 200 of the season my body is tired. It was a good year. Next year, I'm going in 200 & 400!" he said on his twitter.

He holds season best time of 19.90 seconds in 200m race which is number 7 in the 2012 world's rank.

Spearmon has won 2 world championship medals over 200m. In 2005 Helsinki he took silver and bronze in Osaka in 2007.

His main focus always was on 200m and 100m races, but he also holds a solid personal best time in 400m 45.22 seconds that he achieved back in 2006. 

Personal Best times

Event Time wind Place Year

9.96 0.0 Shanghai (CHN) 28.09.2007
200m 19.65 0.0 Daegu (KOR) 28.09.2006
400m 45.22 Paris (FRA) 08.07.2006

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