• Ostapchuk goes all out as she calls Adams a drug cheat

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Nadezda Ostapchuk- Belarusian who was stripped of her gold medal for doping earlier this week  made several ridiculous claims.

Ostapchuk on one of the athletic websites in Belarus discussed a few theories why would Valerie Adams be a drug cheater and not her self.

In the first statement shot putter says:

"I think Valerie behaves unsportswomanlike," says Ostapchuk. "She was not even in the starting line up before the games because she's had a positive drug test in 2005.

"I am being covered in dirt but someone else comes out all clean."

Here is next theory statement

"When there are rumours then most likely it means Valerie had some problems," says Ostapchuk. "Therefore what Adams says now about me is a joke. We will see how all of this will end, including for her." Ostapchuk said to media.

Adams' manager Nick Cowan says the claims are complete rubbish, calling them "ridiculous" and "absurd".

"Let's make it absolutely clear – Drug-Free Sport New Zealand says Adams has never tested positive, never even been accused of doping, and the IAAF the Athletics Federation have tested and found her clean throughout her career," says Cowan.

"Sorry, Nadzeya." says Cowan

Ostapchuk as well is accusing her  former coach Anatoly Baduyev for  framing her.

Belarusian media are reporting he has been arrested for extorting money from coaches and athletes by blackmailing and threatening them to fix their tests, so they come out positive.

And the head of the Belarusian anti-doping agency says traces of the drug  Ostapchuk  found in Ostapchuk's system doesn't automatically mean she's a cheat.

"All doping substances are used as medicine," he says. "It's not like arsenic, it's not like poison. That means doping could become a medicine and unfortunately it's often found in nutritional supplements too, so we can't rule this out either."

It seems there's nothing the Belarusian Olympic team won't say to hang on to Ostapchuk's medal.

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