• South American 200m Champion Colombian Diego Palomeque fails drugs test

Article source: Athletics
Colombian athlete provided a unrine sample on his arrival in London on 26 July and was temporary banned from Olympics. He was entered in 400m in London Olympics but he was rejected to compete due to positive doping test.
Athlete himself defended himself saying that the positive doping result from a homeopathic product that his coach injected him five time to help athlete recover from an injury.  Palomeques believed that the homeopathic substance may carried banned drug with in it.
But the IOC has said it doubts those injections were the cause of the failed test.
A statement from IOC "Professor Christiane Ayotte, scientific expert, confirmed that, based on the composition mentioned on the packaging of the product, which does not mention testosterone as an ingredient, and due to the description of the product as homeopathic (i.e. using very diluted concentrations of its ingredients), such product is unlikely to have caused the adverse analytical finding,".
The IOC have asked Colombian sports governing bodies to sanction the athlete according to the International Association of Athletics Federation policy.
Image source:http://elespectador.com/
Article Source:http://www.bbc.co.uk

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