• Bolt and team Jamaica get to keep record braking baton

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Usain bolt and Jamaica's 4x100 meters relay team will get to keep their world record winning souvenir. After the incident where Usain Bolt was forced to return the baton which Jamaican relay team used in the race, officials eventually relented after the race. 
The incident with and officials prompted booing from the 80,000 crowd who were saluting 100 and 200 champion Bolt's triple triumph.

"The Jamaican team asked to keep the baton and it was given to them to take home," said a spokeswoman for London 2012.
As noted in reuters news, organizers have been selling valuable items that have been used in Olympic games. 
As an example a baton used in the semi-final of the sprint relay by one of the medal-winning teams has attracted a bid of 1,895 pounds ($3,000). 
Image source:http://p2.trrsf.com.br

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