• Jamaica Sets New Word Record In 4x100m Relay

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 London UK - Tonight in Olympics in track and field closed with men's 4x100m relay. As it was expected the United States and Jamaica were teams that would fight for a gold medal.
From the start Jamaicans and Americans were running head to head. In the second leg Americans made a few meter lead ahead of Jamaican team. Michael Frater from Jamica made a spectacular hand of with Yohan Blake in the third leg. Once blake had reached his maximum speed he managed to chase down Justin Gatlin from the US squad and gave Usain Bolt a bout 4 meter lead. Usain Bolt's task was to sprint against the clock, and he did his job well - new world record 36.84 seconds done by Jamaicans. This is the first time any team has broken 37 second barrier.

 Runner up the US team did as well spectacular time running new national record in 37.04 seconds. The bronze medal with 38.12 seconds achievd Trinidad and Tobago team.

Final Results 

Position Lane Team Country Mark .
1 6 Jamaica
(Nesta Carter; Michael Frater; 
Yohan Blake; Usain Bolt)
 JAM 36.84 (WR)
2 7 United States
(Trell Kimmons; Justin Gatlin;
 Tyson Gay; Ryan Bailey)
 USA 37.04 (NR)
3 9 Trinidad and Tobago
(Keston Bledman; Marc Burns; 
Emmanuel Callender; Richard Thompson)
 TRI 38.12 .
4 3 France
(Jimmy Vicaut; Christophe Lemaitre; 
Pierre-Alexis Pessonneaux; Ronald Pognon)
 FRA 38.16 .
5 4 Japan
(Ryota Yamagata; Masashi Eriguchi; 
Shinji Takahira; Shota Iizuka)
 JPN 38.35 .
6 8 Netherlands
(Brian Mariano; Churandy Martina; 
Giovanni Codrington; Patrick van Luijk)
 NED 38.39 .
7 2 Australia
(Anthony Alozie; Isaac Ntiamoah;
Andrew McCabe; Joshua Ross)
 AUS 38.43 .
. 5 Canada
(Gavin Smellie; Oluseyi Smith; 
Jared Connaughton; Justyn Warner)

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