• Asafa Powel Will Not Help Jamaican 4x100m Relay Team Due to Injury

Article source: Athletics

 London, UK,- Former world record holder Jamaican Asafa Powell will not help his Jamaican 4x100m relay team due an injury that he got during the 100m final on Sunday. 

Medics after reviewing his injury confirmed a strained adducor muscle. It would take another three weeks to recover from such injury and would mean no training. As confirmed by athletes agent Paul Doyle to (Reuters) athlete will not going to participate anymore in competitions this season. 

Asafa Powell has held many times world record in 100 meters and has the most sub 10 seconds runs, but  he will remain without an Olympic individual medal for another four years. He still holds world 4x100m record with Jamaican team.


Image Source:http://platinumkids.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/asafa-powell.jpg?w=627

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