• Andreas Hofmann Thorws Huge PB of 92.06m in Javelin and Moves Into 8th Place All Time

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Germany's Andreas Hofmann threw a massive personal best in the javelin of 92.06m at the Javelin Throw meet in Offenburg on Saturday, June 2.

The 26-year-old Hofmann opened the event with 89.70m before unleasing a monster throw of 92.06m in round 3 to defeat reigning World champion and 2018 World leader, Johannes Vetter, who managed 86.87m in round 3 and setteled in 2 place.

With his 92.06m performance, Hofmann moved into #8 place in Global all time list and #2 in the World in 2018 season.

Here is Hoffman's serie: 89.70m 85.31m 92.06m 87.49m 87.23m 87.92m

See full meet results here.

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