• Johannes Vetter produces 93.89m throw in Thum

Article source: Athletics

Newly crowned World champion Johannes Vetter produced a very impressive javelin series at the annual Thumer Werfertag throws meet in Thum, Germany on Friday, August 18.

The 24-year-old Vetter, threw a massive 93.89m in round two to defeat his fiercest opponent, the Olympic champion, Thomas Rohler. 

Vetter during the competition produced two throws over 90m and another two over 87m mark. (81.24m 93.88m 83.85m 87.45m 88.35m 91.67m).

“The last days were very stressful. I myself lack the words. It's incredibly fun to throw with the guys,” Vetter told Leichtathletik.de.



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